Yes, we invite the public to all three of our locations.

We have 3 locations: Mebane NC, Greensboro NC, & Raleigh NC.  We also have dealers conveniently located in NC, VA and TN.  To locate a dealer in your area contact us at 800-649-8782.

Stains on stone, tile or grout can happen – and can leave permanent stains. Protect your surface against both oil-based and water-based stains with the right sealer. Sealing also makes everyday clean-up easier.

A cap of some type is required to cap off the top of the stonework so that water doesn’t get behind the wall. This can be a sill or a fabricated flashing.

A sealer is not required, however, if you feel you would like to seal your stonework, you can. We offer a variety of quality sealers that will seal your stonework. There are sealers that when applied, will change the appearance of your stonework very little as well as sealants that will enhance the color of the stone or even give it a “wet” look.

Enhancing sealers enrich the natural highlights of stone and tile, adding contrast to its beauty and texture. They also rejuvenate the color and improve the appearance of worn and weathered surfaces.

We ship anywhere in the United States.

Natural Thin Veneer is a natural stone product, which means that it is very durable with little to no water absorption. This means that it will not be affected by a normal freeze thaw cycle. Man-made stone is a concrete based product that is a little more porous than our natural stone. Costs can be very comparable for both products.

Natural Thin Veneer (NTV) can be installed in as little as half the time as full veneer. In addition, because it has a thinner profile, approximately three times more of it can be shipped per truckload based on legal limits than full veneer. This can produce freight-in cost savings especially on long distance hauling. Another advantage of NTV’s thin cut profile is that it can be installed without a brick/stone foundation ledge making it especially good for remodeling projects and zero clearance fireplaces.

Natural Thin Veneer is natural stone. Man-made stone is produced by pouring a combination of cement, aggregate and color pigments into molds. This mixture is then allowed to cure. Because there are only a limited number of molds and colors for a man-made product, a repeating pattern can result on larger projects. In contrast, every piece of Natural Thin Veneer is unique in color and shape because it is quarried from the earth. It can be custom cut and trimmed to meet your specifications, 90 degree corners are standard although corners other than 90 degrees can be cut to meet your specifications. In addition, because the colors that man-made stone uses are also man-made in dye-lots, colors can vary from manufactured run to manufactured run, resulting in color differences from flats to flats and from flats to corners.